Skaff Not Conservative, Hosts Liberal & Anti-Gun Fundraiser

By admin | Published April 4th, 2013

Del. Doug Skaff (D)-Kanawha swears he isn’t a liberal. So why is he hosting a ritzy fundraising party at his home for a political action committee (PAC) founded by the past president of West Virginia’s liberal personal injury lawyers, Marvin Masters? Worse, the treasurer of this group is another trial lawyer, an ultra-liberal who voted…

Tell Obama To Stop Raising Energy Taxes

By admin | Published April 4th, 2013

Look, everyone knows that when you tax something more, you get less of it. Our own liberal Congressman Nick Rahall got caught a couple weeks ago voting for a Democrat budget that would have added a new carbon tax on burning coal. But the same rules apply elsewhere. The Obama administration is trying to stop…

RouterGate Is Not New. Democrat Politicians Fell For 2002 Scam, Too.

By admin | Published February 27th, 2013

This RouterGate deal involving West Virginia career Democrat politicians is like deja vu all over again. While state and¬†Congressional investigators now try to figure out who stole from tax dollars and Obama Stimulus funds, a similar deal happened in Parkersburg in 2002. And, some of the same people who are a part of RouterGate, were…

Expect A Fake Cracker Announcement From Tomblin

By admin | Published February 13th, 2013

  West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin is about to tell you that picture you see above means jobs. Needing a distraction from his part in wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in RouterGate, Tomblin will probably try and tell us that a company who appears to have built a website for less than $20 is…

Earl Ray Tomblin Endorses RouterGate

By admin | Published February 13th, 2013