WV Democrat Politicians Love Obama, Backed His War On Coal












OK, so today, the President who lost every West Virginia county in the 2012 Election spent an hour today on a speech telling folks how he plans to shut down our economy by killing more coal-fired power plants and the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

We guess ObamaCare has been such a riveting early success that we should give him the chance to rebuild the rest of the economy in his failed image.

Politicians here have spent the last five years alternately embracing and then trying to hide from Obama, as they discovered too late that he hates West Virginia, coal and freedom. Luckily, we’ve been keeping track of all the liberal Democrats in West Virginia who claim to be conservative…….but helped Obama try and end our energy industries.

Consider this a convenient slate card of folks you probably should vote against in 2014 & beyond in the Mountain State.

Barack Obama, Joe Manchin III













Sen. Joe Manchin- Endorsed Obama in May 2008. Term ends 2018.














Rep. Nick Joe Rahall (D)- Endorsed Obama in May 2008– Term ends 2014.

Rahall was an early endorser of Barack Obama.















2nd District Candidate for Congress, Nick Casey. A former Chair of @WVDemocrats, Casey also endorsed Obama in 2008 and voted for him at the Democrat National Convention that year in Denver.
















State Auditor Glen Gainer has been plagued with ethics problems and scandal related to his >$110 Million CGI computer deal for WV Government. Even so, he’s always been a strong supporter of Barack Hussein Obama and the War On Coal. He endorsed in early 2008 as well.











State Treasurer John Perdue has always been available to endorse Obama. Even last summer, he was willing to get on state wide radio and talk about how his teammates should all back the anti-coal President.











Democrat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant has always strongly supported Obama, including ironically campaigning for him while carrying a gun in 2008.