Skaff Not Conservative, Hosts Liberal & Anti-Gun Fundraiser


      Liberal Skaff

Del. Doug Skaff (D)-Kanawha swears he isn’t a liberal.

So why is he hosting a ritzy fundraising party at his home for a political action committee (PAC) founded by the past president of West Virginia’s liberal personal injury lawyers, Marvin Masters?

Worse, the treasurer of this group is another trial lawyer, an ultra-liberal who voted to take away your 2nd Amendment gun rights in the Legislature last month? Then again, it’s no big surprise to have Skaff agreeing so much with Del. Stephen Skinner (D)-Jefferson Co., whose biggest priorities include preventing Voter ID and donating thousand$ to Barack Hussein Obama.



If you want to go to the Skaff/Skinner fundraiser for the new West Virginia House Legislative Committee, it’s tonight, April 4th from 6-8 PM. Speaker Thompson and the gang invite you to 3 Joplin Place, South Charleston, 25303.

This event purports to be “Defending and advancing the House Democratic Majority.” Clearly, after losing 11 seats in 2012, these guys need some help selling the average West Virginia voter on how awesome Obama is.

skaff-skinner-inviteWe wish the Skaff/Skinner Team all the luck in the world in sharing their Obama Agenda.