RouterGate Is Not New. Democrat Politicians Fell For 2002 Scam, Too.


This RouterGate deal involving West Virginia career Democrat politicians is like deja vu all over again.

While state and Congressional investigators now try to figure out who stole from tax dollars and Obama Stimulus funds, a similar deal happened in Parkersburg in 2002. And, some of the same people who are a part of RouterGate, were the ones who signed off on giving millions to criminals then.

RouterGate covers four years, and the administrations of both Joe Manchin  and Earl Tomblin as Governor. Common links are the underqualified guy running the $126 million BTOP grant in WV, Jimmy Gianato and former Manchin aide, now Tomblin Chief of Staff  Robert Alsop.


Career politician Keith Burdette on a taxpayer-funded junket to Japan with his lobbyist step-son.

But the lead guy on economic development in Tomblin’s administration is former State Senate President Keith Burdette. He became our state’s Senate President as a result of his two predecessors going to Federal prison for corruption. Those were heady times.

He was also on the front end of the ‘Development Office’ for Governor Bob Wise a decade ago.

A decade ago, Burdette helped push millions of government dollars to a company in the Mid Ohio Valley called Sequelle Communications. The state handed over at least $600,000. A local Development Authority in Wood County put in in $160,000. A Federal loan of $3.3 million dollars came in as well. Most of it was lost, much of it to felon borrowers that the government failed to vet, at all.

Most of the reporting has gone behind pay walls since the 2008 criminal cases. But a long Sunday piece from the Charleston Gazette remains up on a local weekly media website in Calhoun County.

From September 9, 2008……..

No One Sounded Alarm….Millions Lost In Mid Ohio Valley High Speed Venture

After that criminal problem with fake broadband company Sequelle, the WV Development Office supposedly stopped financing similar “high-tech” projects.

Burdette was warned by Wood County officials that Sequelle managers had criminal backgrounds and financial problems. But he pressed on local funders to invest anyway, according to documents from the Wise Administration

In 2008, Burdette said, “Sequelle never really got up and running, at least not to any substantial level … I don’t think they ever got accomplished anything of what they set out to do. They inched along insignificantly before the wheels came off.”

Now, Burdette actually admits mistakes state government made in this more recent #RouterGate.

In the Charleston Gazette last spring, Burdette told Eric Eyre, “At the end of the day, I suspect we’ve made some mistakes……..I’m reading stuff in your stories and learning stuff in the process.”

A former lobbyist, Burdette is also tied closely to another failed entrepreneur who has advised the Tomblin administration on the entire $126 million BTOP grant program. In that consulting deal, a company owned by a Burdette friend has been paid up to $255 per man hour for advice.

Same incompetent career politicians? Same results.

We are just scratching the surface with RouterGate and members of the Tomblin & Manchin Administrations.